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Pure White Smartphone Teeth Whitening Kit

Pure White Smartphone Teeth Whitening Kit
SEARCH Search Cart Free Shipping on all US Orders Close Pure White Smartphone Teeth Whitening Kit Pure White Teeth PURE WHITE SMARTPHONE TEETH WHITENING KIT SALE $74.95 Regular price $149.95 QUANTITY 1 −+ 435 Claimed! Hurry, only a few left! 0000 Days 0808 Hrs 17161617 Mins 50494950 Sec Sale Ends Once The Timer Hits Zero! Secure and trusted checkout with A brighter smile at the comfort of your home or on the go! Our device uses your mobile phone as a power bank, which eliminates the need for batteries or charging devices. In comparison to other products in the market today, the Pure White Teeth whitening device is waterproof and BPA free, assuring safety when placed in the mouth. Compared to the industry standard 4-piece LED, our 16-piece LED system breaks down the bleaching agents much faster and more effectively! Each kit comes with 2 Whitening Gel pens equipped with bristle design for mess-free application. With results in as little as one treatment, take on the future of teeth whitening and see the results for yourself!
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