Gifts for older men 65 y.o.

Found 11 gift ideas
$297 - $8017
Smart TV is easy to manage and allows you to quickly connect to the content you need. Each picture looks transparent and smooth, with brighter colors, deeper dark and natural colors.
$21 - $350
Electric shaver is a weapon that every man needs. It's portable, easy and safe to use.
$79 - $999
Vacuum cleaner is a perfect device to clean the house. Modern types are stunning!
$162 - $1828
$113 - $619
$8 - $400
For all who love pasta and cooking. The paste machine has different dough thickness settings and various form cutters, it will help you to achieve the best results.
$51 - $849
The device captures dust and different spores and microbes. Filters and circulates all the room air approximately 4x per hour.
$29 - $540
This thing should be at any home, because you never know what can happen and what should be repaired.
$20 - $543
$22 - $599
Waking up and drinking fresh juice is a goal morning. Help someone to fulfill it.
$36 - $239