Gifts for toddlers

Found 23 gift ideas
Home and Kitchen
$20 - $215
A perfect match for mom-to-be or an actual mom. Can be presented for baby shower or whenever you wish. Baby food maker is a perfect machine, that controls the temperature and other significant baby things.
Games and toys
$15 - $289
Kids love cars, remote control is great for big spaces, where is left and where is right? Play hard.
Interior items
Home and Kitchen
$29 - $520
Made of breathable materials, play teepee tents provide kids space for activities, daydreaming and having fun. Exquisite design and variety of styles as good as multifunctionality is a best choice for kid's happiness.
$12 - $113
Soccer is a game for everybody.Kids will be thrilled with portable version for non-stadium plays
Games and toys
$21 - $2499
Any girls need dolls. As well as doll houses and stuff.
Games and toys
$16 - $350
The play mat is absolutely non-toxic and made of the safe material. Let your child play on this cozy mat!
Games and toys
$59 - $399
Present your child a classy gift! A present is combined with the modern feature like sounds of the horse.
Home and Kitchen
$29 - $138
The baby gym pad can be used as a flat play mat with or without the toy arches. Made to encourage baby to discover more funny things and be active.
Home and Kitchen
$31 - $137
This cute cot mobiles is made of wood and is non-toxic. Will entertain your child in the best way.
Games and toys
$7 - $223
Choose this silicone teether which is very comfortable and gentle to the gums of your baby. It massages the gums and is also funny in playing with it.
Games and toys
$4 - $38
Games and toys
$9 - $106
A great gift for kids or for lazy people who doesn't like to scream through the rooms.
Beauty and wellness
Home and Kitchen
$9 - $50
Have you ever imagined measuring temperature in a non contact way? For now it is possible. Perfectly fits to measure temperature at the smallest.
Games and toys
$14 - $98
Music Box is good as for kids as for adults. You need to wind up the movement on the underside to play a wonderful melody.
Games and toys
$11 - $99
Do you look for a great musical instrument for your child? Then an easy-playing xylophone is a great choice!
Games and toys
$20 - $24
Taking a bath is always fun and relaxing, but having a special bubble making machine make it even more satisfying.
Combine playing classical melodies with modern motifs. Develop your music talent!
Games and toys
$10 - $144
Wooden toys are good for kids. They develop their attentiveness and motility.


When you are thinking about buying gifts for everyone it can be a difficult task. Everyone in your life has different personalities with different tastes. They all want different things and it takes time to buy online or at different stores for everyone. This article will serve as a guideline in helping you make those all too important decisions while making your gift buying experience a little less stressful.


The first thing to do is to create a gift wish list for everyone. Make a final determination of who you will be buying for. Are you just buying for the children in your family this year or are these special gifts for a special occasion? All of these can be written down on a gift wish list that you can use for buying the right gifts for everyone.


If your gift list is not too long, then determine what everyone likes. If they are family or good friends and you know them well, pick one gift that they would enjoy from you. Everyone buys the toasters and other things. Let your gift be different and stand out from the others. You want your gift to be functional and yet unique from everyone else's gifts. Use probing questions on those you are thinking about buying a gift for. Ask them to list three things that they would want. They don't even have to know that you are thinking about buying them a gift. Do it in a way that is not telling to them. Remember when buying gifts for everyone, it is essential to know that something special that each person would want.


If all else fails, then you can always resort to giving everyone money or gift certificates to their favorite stores. Make this the last resort because there is not much thought put into giving this type of gift. There is an old saying that it is the thought that counts. Let people know that you put thought into your gift buying this year. But again, if you run into a rough patch and cannot think of what to give them, most people will be pleased with money or gift certificates. Money and gift certificates can always be apart of your gifts for everyone.